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After the disaster that was 2020, and after losing a few friends along the way, I learned to hate certain social media platforms (think FB). I realized that people I was “friends” with didn’t necessarily share my same outlook on things and certainly not on many things that happened during the past year. A social platform that is supposed to help us feel more connected actually caused me to feel anger, frustration, and angst. It was not a good place to be.

Years ago, I stopped watching network news because I felt like an outcast, which instantly raised my blood…

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It’s been a year unlike any that I’ve ever experienced. There have been so many ups and downs, frustrations, anger, sadness, regret, joy, and a sense of renewal. It’s hard to put it all into words, or to even know where to begin.

For years prior to this year, I stopped watching the news. I don’t follow Twitter on a regular basis, nor any news outlet for that matter. It has to be something really big for me to know about it, something that gets other people talking. Then I’ll look into it. So… for me this year started out…

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Yes, you read the title correctly. Stay with me here as I walk you through a couple of things. The point of this essay is to get people to think. I am not dispensing advice or telling people what to do — people have minds of their own, and they can make their own decisions with the information they have. Since mid-March, a majority of the States in the U.S. have been under shelter-in-place directives. Some States started reopening things in May, but no State, to my knowledge, has made it to the point where everything has been opened up…

This past week I celebrated my 49th birthday. It seems like it was not that long ago that I had just turned 40. So, why care about turning 49? I don’t know; it just feels like a big deal. It is the last birthday I will have and still be in my forties. Sometimes I look back and wonder, how did this happen? Where have nine years gone, and what have I accomplished?

Just after turning 40, I applied to go back to school to work on my engineering degree. In January of 2011, I went back to school— again…

So, this morning I decided to stop and grab some breakfast from a local fast food drive through. This is not my regular morning routine. Normally I just stop at the local convenience store and grab a soda and some kind of breakfast bar — I know the irony right. Anyway, I was a bit more hungry and opted for something a little more substantial. I pull up to the drive through, and there is a deal going on — two sandwiches for $4.00. I thought, “great, I’m not a fan of the breakfast potatoes, I’ll get the two sandwiches.”…

David McCarroll

Just a guy trying to figure life out (still) and hoping I don’t offend too many people along the way.

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