Kindness — It Should Be Easy

It was a bright sunny afternoon, a little breezy, but an otherwise picture perfect day. The inside of the Wendy’s was clean and comfortable. The man taking our order seemed genuinely excited to see us and enthusiastically took our order; which put a smile on my masked face.

This was not a usual day for our family. We were in a new city for a doctor’s appointment for our youngest son. He needed to see a specialist since he was born with bi-lateral club feet. Not that you would know to see him. He walks pretty well, and has the countenance of a ball of sunshine. He makes the world just a little brighter where ever he happens to be. Things he struggles with like running and jumping, he doesn’t seem to mind, and whatever he decides to do, he gives it his all.

After receiving our food, there was a lady who was making her way through the dinning room, stopping and talking to everyone who was seated enjoying their meal. She was warm and personable, and was genuinely interested in all those she talked with. My son was particularly taken with her and they struck up a friendly conversation. She noticed his braces and knew exactly where they were for. A few minutes later the enthusiastic order taker floated over to our table to look at his braces and then proceeded to show pictures of his young son who had just had casts put on to help stabilize his feet for the same reason. We shared a moment, parent to parent, realizing that ours’ is not the easiest of roads, but we took respite in the knowledge we weren’t going through these things alone.

While this was happening, I was touched, and it took effort to keep the tears that were welling up from spilling out. Here were two complete strangers, who were at work, but took the time to make our day just a little easier, a little lighter, and to make us feel very welcome. I was contemplating that idea that my son will need to wear braces his whole life most likely, and lamenting that he might one day not walk as easy as he does now. In addition to the bi-lateral club feet he was born with, he has a genetic condition which is degenerative, and will likely affect the quality of life he experiences down the road. While deep in thought, these two strangers managed to put a smile on my face and bring a tear to my eye. Not only did these two strangers take time out of their day to talk with us, my son’s new friend (the friendly lady), brought to our table mini frosties. It was difficult to tell her he could not have one as he is severally allergic to dairy. Next thing I know, she brings out a couple of toys that haven’t even been released yet and gives them to him. Once again, I was fighting to keep tears from rolling down my cheeks.

To these two wonderful people I say thank you. I’m sure we were but a moment in their day. A moment when they chose kindness and went the extra mile. I hope this moment will stay with me, and that I too can show kindness to my fellow worldly travelers, wouldn’t the world seem just a little brighter if we all did?



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David McCarroll

David McCarroll

Just a guy trying to figure life out (still) and hoping I don’t offend too many people along the way.